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Daniella's design experience goes back to childhood when she would hand illustrate and write stories, binding them with a needle and thread. In high school she was often seen with poster boards of her charcoal drawings of her favorite rock bands.


Her digital experience goes back to 1995 when she first started in the world of graphic design, editorial layout, HTML coding and designing websites. She has since been hands-on in all aspects of design and marketing in both print and online. She has been a creative director for companies such as Hearst Business Media as well as her own companies.


In 2010 Daniella was the co-founding partner of a national fitness franchise, building and branding the company from the ground up.


Daniella is an extremely professional, energetic, creative and knowledgeable individual. It is rare that you encounter someone who is artistic and tech savvy at the same time with an almost instinctive marketing talent AND a personality where creative meetings are a pleasure and results are delivered even before deadlines are met. She has a passion for what she does and her results certainly show.

John Montalbano / Co-owner & member of My World


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